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Ultimaker Marlin emits "raw" temperature values, like
ok T:30.00, raw:55 B:24.00

libreprap stops on the "raw" with error message, not continuing to read the bed temperature.

patch to ignore unknown keywords:

------------------------- libraries/libreprap/fived.c -------------------------
index 86adbaf..edcf937 100644
@@ -45,9 +45,10 @@ fived_handle_reply (rr_dev dev, const char *reply, size_t nbytes)
       case 'E':
    float_reply (dev, &i, RR_E_POS);
-   return rr_dev_emit_error (dev, RR_E_UNKNOWN_REPLY, reply, nbytes);
+   // return rr_dev_emit_error (dev, RR_E_UNKNOWN_REPLY, reply, nbytes);
+   break;
     return 0;

I'd prefer to do a better job of detecting such things, and parsing them I think; we could add some 'RAW' variants of RR_NOZZLE_TEMP_RAW etc. and parse that thing correctly and emit them. Not sure we want them showing up in the UI.
For a rolls-royce version - we should detect the Ultimaker Marlin by interrogating the machine on first connect, to detect this and only accept that stuff from an Ultimaker :-)


I was trying to get a VW version without annoying messages ;-)

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