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Installation instructions for stl2pov 2.4.4, released on 2009-10-29.
Building the program
Have a look at the Makefile. At the top of the Makefile there are some
options that can be customized. Usually it is fine to leave them as they are.
If you want to use different compiler and linker options, modify the CFLAGS
and LFLAGS respectively. If you want to use another compiler instead of
gcc, you will probably have to change them, along with the CC variable that
specifies the compiler. If you don't know what this means, leave CC,
CFLAGS and LFLAGS as they are.
The variables whose name ends in DIR specify where different parts of the
program are installed.
It is usually not necessary to edit the makefile below the line
"##### Maintainer stuff goes here:"
To build the program, simply issue the "make" command. This should work
without producing errors.
If it fails because the compiler can't find a header file, first check if
you have it installed, and then add an "-I" flag describing the location of
the header file to CFLAGS. If it can't find a library, add the appropriate
"-L" option to LFLAGS. See the compiler manual for further information.
Installing the program
If building the program succeeded, you should issue the "su" command to
become root, and then give the "make install" command from the source
directory to install the program.
To remove the program, use "make uninstall" from the source directory as