Extensive vimrc with super easy install and everything in the vimrc is explained!
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  • Super easy to install and extend
  • Everything in the vimrc is explained
  • A universal configuration with a syntax checker, plugin manager and more


Dependencies: exuberant/universal ctags (tagbar)

git clone https://github.com/timss/vimconf.git
ln -s vimconf/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

Run vim and it'll download and install all plugins automatically!


If you choose to symlink your ~/.vimrc you can easily maintain an updated version of this vim configuration by using the local additions.

~/.vimrc.plugins Add your personal plugins here (previously .vimrc.bundles).
~/.vimrc.first Prerequisites only, as it will be overwritten by whatever below.
~/.vimrc.last Overrides everything. Generally use this.

I've chosen to include mostly universal plugins and configuration, meaning that not a lot is language specific and should be fitting for most use cases. If you want additional plugins for autocomplete and more you can do so easily using your local files mentioned above.

Some useful plugins could be:

  • clang_complete - C/C++ autocompletion using Clang
  • jedi-vim - Python autocompletion using the Jedi library.
  • YouCompleteMe - Autocompletion for several languages (C/C++, Python, ...)

Disabling plugins

If you want to disable any of the plugins included in the main configuration either UnPlug them:

UnPlug 'ervandew/supertab'
UnPlug 'vim-syntastic/syntastic'

Or define a list of repo names to be disabled:

let g:plugs_disabled = ['supertab', 'syntastic']

Both should be added to ~/.vimrc.plugins.



Video: Writing a small perl-script using Vim (rather outdated)


Even if this configuration can be used out of the box or tweaked using the local files, I urge you to build your own if you have the time and energy to do so. Only then will you be able to properly understand the reasoning behind each setting and tailor it to your personal workflow.

However I still believe my Vim setup will help you get a basis configuration for your own, introducing core ideas such as a plugin manager and .vimrc structure. Use this configuration well, but do not blindly trust it to suit you perfectly. It's intended to be played with!


  • Update preview (gifs)
  • Extract some language/plugin specific configuration to an example file (wiki)?
  • Lazy loading