Automated image-synthesis of multi-epoch radio-telescope data.
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Chimenea implements a simple but effective algorithm for automated imaging of multi-epoch radio-synthesis data, developed as part of the ALARRM programme. The key logic-flow is implemented in the module. For a full description, see the accompanying paper, Staley and Anderson (2015).

The chimenea pipeline is built upon NRAO CASA subroutines, interacting with the CASA environment via the drive-casa interface layer.

While chimenea has only been tested with data from AMI-LA to date, the algorithm is implemented in a telescope-agnostic fashion and could trivially be adapted to other telescopes. You may want to take a look at the amisurvey package to see how it has been integrated into our project-specific data-flow.

If you make use of chimenea in work leading to a publication, we ask that you cite the relevant ASCL entry and accompanying paper (Staley and Anderson (2015)).

Galactic Chimney

Casa, chimenea, estrellas.

(Image credit: [Jonas Wagner](, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)