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These tutorials have now been integrated into the voevent-parse documentation. Source notebooks can be found here. This repo is preserved solely to avoid breaking external links.

Old content follows...

#Getting started with voevent-parse

This tutorial should get you up and running with voevent-parse, so that you can work effectively with the VOEvent data format. It also covers some of the basics on XML and lxml.objectify.

This tutorial is intended to accompany the Notes on VOEvent. If you're new to VOEvents, I suggest you read those pages first. Both this tutorial, and the notes, were originally written to support the hands-on session at the Hotwired Universe IV conference, but should be accessible to anyone familiar with Python.


##Running the code Run IPython Notebook from this directory and load up the notebooks. Or, if you prefer a regular (I)Python terminal, you can read through the .py versions and copy-paste the code snippets as you go along.

##Ready-made versions Can't be bothered to download this repo? Just want a quick reference? Here's some I made earlier:


Getting started with XML, VOEvent and voevent-parse.




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