Microchip C libraries to control the Nokia 5510 graphic LCD. The display is available from numerous sources on the internet, including Sparkfun. This code allows it to be used with Microchip PICs (tested on C18 toolchain, but won't be much work to change to XC8)
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#Nokia 5510 GLCD control code

This code is a direct port of the public domain Arduino source code to control the Nokia 5510 LCDs that are available from Sparkfun. It was converted and tested with a C18 toolchain in MPLABX against a PIC18F2550, but should be pretty easy to convert to XC8 -- in fact, I suspect that you just need to add it to your project. Your PIC will need an SPI port connected to the MISO and MOSI pins on the LCD, ##Usage

Add both glcd.h and glcd.c to your project, then in your main.c

#include "glcd.h"
#include <spi.h>

#define _LCDSelect LATAbits.LATA3 //These can be any output pins, but these are the ones that I chose.
#define _LCDReset LATAbits.LATA4
#define _LCDData LATAbits.LATA5

Then in void main()

void main()
	LCDString(myString, strlen(myString));

Do not drive the backlight with 5V. It will smoke. However, the backlight on the LCD seems to be happy with direct drive from the 3.3V regulator.


C18 Port of original public domain code by Nathan Seidle of Sprakfun Electronics Inc. This code is public domain but you buy me (or him) a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beerware license).

This code is provided as-is, without any warranty. Use at your own risk.