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A Node.js wrapper for the wkhtmltoimage command line tool. It converts HTML documents to images using WebKit. This was originally based on node-wkhtmltopdf.


var wkhtmltoimage = require('wkhtmltoimage');

// Optionally specify binary path
var wkhtmltoimage = require('wkhtmltoimage').setCommand(__dirname + '/bin/wkhtmltoimage');

// URL
wkhtmltoimage.generate('', { pageSize: 'letter' })

wkhtmltoimage.generate('<h1>Hello world</h1>')

// output to a file directly
wkhtmltoimage.generate('', { output: 'out.jpg' });

// Optional callback
wkhtmltoimage.generate('', { pageSize: 'letter' }, function (code, signal) {
wkhtmltoimage.generate('', function (code, signal) {

wkhtmltoimage is just a function, which you call with either a URL or an inline HTML string, and it returns a stream that you can read from or pipe to wherever you like (e.g. a file, or an HTTP response).

There are many options available to wkhtmltoimage. All of the command line options are supported as documented on the page linked to above. The options are camelCased instead-of-dashed as in the command line tool.

There is also an output option that can be used to write the output directly to a filename, instead of returning a stream.


First, you need to install the wkhtmltoimage (included with wkhtmltopdf) command line tool on your system. The easiest way to do this is to download a prebuilt version for your system.

Then install the node module, use npm:

npm install wkhtmltoimage

Be sure wkhtmltoimage is in your PATH when you're done installing. Alternatively, use .setCommand(path) to specify the binary path.