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Todoroo Android Commons

Branches of this project act as git submodules you can clone and use
in your own project. Please see the attached LICENSE document for
licensing terms.

Each branch expects to be cloned within an Android project under the
following path:


For example, the data branch contains the data layer submodule. All
Java files within this project are under the package, meaning the base folder for the submodule
should be src/com/todoroo/commons/data. The specific git commands to
achieve this are (obviously replace "data" with the module you want):

    git submodule add -b data \
        git:// \
    git commit

List of Submodules:

    data    - code for accessing Android SQLite databases in a more
              typesafe way. Contains abstract classes for Dao, Database,
              and Model objects.

    service - code for managing services and singletons, including
              dependency injection, exceptions, apache http, and
              Android services.

    utility - utility classes for working with dates, dialogs,
    	      threads, and the like.

    widget  - Android graphical interfaces