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linhash gofmt Jan 16, 2015

A B+Tree for Go

By Tim Henderson

NOTE: I now have a new repository which covers much the same functionality as this repository. Except better. Check out fs2 now!

Long ago, when Go 1 was just a twinkle in Rob Pike's eye, I developed a B+Tree for Go. It didn't support removal, but it did support duplicate keys "the right way" (tm). Although I was pretty proud of my B+Tree, I didn't have much use for it after the project it was developed for ended. I wrote an article on it and then moved on with my life.

However, today it now works with Go 1. It is as of yet basically undocumented in how to use it. There are python bindings and they work reasonably well. It still doesn't have removal and I still don't need it too. You can't "go get" it yet but it does work with go install.

cd $GOPATH/src
git clone
## the rpc interface the python bindings use
go install file-structures/b+bot
## install
go install file-structures/bptree ## the actual b+tree

You can then install the python RPC bindings with:

cd file-structures
python install


As of July 1st 2013, there is now also a Linear Virtual Hashing implementation. It is also underdocumented but it should be fairly tested. Checkout: file-structures/linhash.