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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#Author: Tim Henderson
#For licensing see the LICENSE file in the top level directory.
import collections
def build_tree(gen):
stack = list()
root = None
for children, sym in gen:
node = Node(sym)
if not root:
root = node
if stack:
stack[-1]['children'] -= 1
if stack[-1]['children'] <= 0:
if children:
stack.append({'node':node, 'children':children})
elif ':' in node.label:
sym, val = node.label.split(':', 1)
node.label = sym
node.value = val
return root
class Node(object):
def __init__(self, label, children=None):
self.label = label
self.value = None
self.children = children if children is not None else list()
def addkid(self, node, before=False):
if before: self.children.insert(0, node)
else: self.children.append(node)
return self
def get(self, label):
if self.label == label: return self
for c in self.children:
if label in c: return c.get(label)
def iter(self):
queue = collections.deque()
while len(queue) > 0:
n = queue.popleft()
for c in n.children: queue.append(c)
yield n
def __contains__(self, b):
if isinstance(b, str) and self.label == b: return 1
elif not isinstance(b, str) and self.label == b.label: return 1
elif (isinstance(b, str) and self.label != b) or self.label != b.label:
return sum(b in c for c in self.children)
raise TypeError, "Object %s is not of type str or Node" % repr(b)
def __eq__(self, b):
if b is None: return False
if not isinstance(b, Node):
raise TypeError, "Must compare against type Node"
return self.label == b.label
def __ne__(self, b):
return not self.__eq__(b)
def __repr__(self):
return super(Node, self).__repr__()[:-1] + " %s>" % str(self.label)
def __str__(self):
def string(s):
if isinstance(s, Node): return str(s)
return '0:%s' % str(s)
s = "%d:%s" % (len(self.children), str(self.label))
s = '\n'.join([s]+[string(c) for c in self.children])
return s
def dotty(self):
def string(s):
if isinstance(s, Node):
if s.value is not None:
return ':'.join((str(s.label), str(s.value)))
return str(s.label)
return str(s)
node = '%(name)s [shape=rect, label="%(label)s"];'
leaf = '%(name)s [shape=rect, label="%(label)s" style="filled" fillcolor="#dddddd"];'
edge = '%s -> %s;'
nodes = list()
edges = list()
i = 0
queue = collections.deque()
queue.append((i, self))
i += 1
while len(queue) > 0:
c, n = queue.popleft()
name = 'n%d' % c
label = string(n)
if not hasattr(n, 'children'): nodes.append(leaf % locals())
elif not n.children: nodes.append(leaf % locals())
else: nodes.append(node % locals())
if not hasattr(n, 'children'): continue
for c in n.children:
edges.append(edge % (name, ('n%d' % i)))
queue.append((i, c))
i += 1
return 'digraph G {\n' + '\n'.join(nodes) + '\n' + '\n'.join(edges) + '\n}\n'