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'''Classes that represent the AST'''
import c_types
debug = 1
class TerminalSymbol(object):
'''Represents a terminal symbol on the AST'''
def __init__(self, symbol):
self.symbol = symbol
def __str__(self):
return str(self.symbol)
class NonTerminalSymbol(object):
'''Represents a non-terminal symbol on the AST'''
def __init__(self, symbol):
self.symbol = symbol
def __str__(self):
return str(self.symbol)
class Value(object):
'''Represents the value passed in by lextoken.value on the AST'''
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return str(self.value)
class Attributes(object):
'''A container for attributes on the AST. It is basically just an object class with one
slight modification. When you try and get an attribute of this class that doesn't exist instead
of raising an exception this class return None.'''
def __init__(self): pass
def __getattribute__(self, attr):
try: return super(Attributes, self).__getattribute__(attr)
except: return None
class Node(object):
'''Represents a vertice on the AST'''
def __init__(self, production=None, symbol=''):
self.attrs = Attributes()
if not production:
self.children = []
self.children = production[1:]
if production: token_stack = production.lexer.lexmodule.token_stack[:]
for index,child in enumerate(self.children):
if child.__class__ != Node:
n = Node(symbol=TerminalSymbol(child))
for token in token_stack:
if token and token.value == child:
if len(token.type) < 2: break
n = Node(symbol=TerminalSymbol(token.type))
n2 = Node(symbol=Value(child))
n2.graph_color = "#88ff88"
self.children[index] = n
self.children[index].graph_color = "#8888ff"
if production: self.symbol = NonTerminalSymbol(symbol)
else: self.symbol = symbol
def traverse(self, node, i=0):
s = ' '*i + str(node) + '\n'
if 'children' not in dir(node): return s
for child in node.children:
s += self.traverse(child, i+1)
return s
def print_out(self):
return str(self.traverse(self))
def __repr__(self): return str(self)
def __str__(self):
s = str(self.symbol)
if debug:
if self.attrs.type: s += ', ' + str(self.attrs.type)
if self.attrs.identifier: s += ', ' + str(self.attrs.identifier)
if self.attrs.value: s += ', ' + str(self.attrs.value)
c = ''
t = c_types.debug
c_types.debug = 0
if self.attrs.code: c += '\\n'.join([str(line) for line in self.attrs.code])
c_types.debug = t
s = '"' + s + '\\n' + c + '"'
s = '"' + s + '"'
return s
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