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''' <summary>
''' Class that holds song data and performs comparison of Songs for sorting.
''' </summary>
Public Class SongSummary
Implements IEquatable(Of SongSummary)
Implements IComparable(Of SongSummary)
Public Property Artist As String = ""
Public Property Album As String = ""
Public Property Title As String = ""
Public Property Path As String = ""
Public Property Extension As String = ""
Public Property Length As String = ""
Public Property Bitrate As String = ""
Public Property TrackNum As Integer = 0
Public Property Size As ULong = 0
Public Overrides Function Equals(other As Object) As Boolean
If other Is Nothing Then
Return False
End If
Dim objOther As SongSummary = TryCast(other, SongSummary)
If objOther Is Nothing Then
Return False
Return Equals(objOther)
End If
End Function
Public Overloads Function Equals(other As SongSummary) As Boolean Implements IEquatable(Of SongSummary).Equals
If other Is Nothing Then
Return False
End If
Return (Me.Album.Equals(other.Album))
End Function
' default sorting by Album
Public Function CompareTo(other As SongSummary) As Integer Implements IComparable(Of SongSummary).CompareTo
If other Is Nothing Then
Return 1
End If
Return Me.Album.CompareTo(other.Album)
End Function
End Class