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Library and executable for using citeproc with pandoc
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A fork of Pandoc-Citeproc for Scholdoc

Current stable version: 0.6

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This package is a fork of Pandoc-Citeproc. It is intended to support the development of Scholdoc, a fork of Pandoc that understands ScholarlyMarkdown. It is mean to be used as a filter with Scholdoc to resolve and format citations using a bibliography file and a CSL stylesheet. It can also be used (with --bib2yaml or --bib2json options) to convert a bibliography to a YAML format that can be put directly into a ScholarlyMarkdown document or to CSL JSON. Bibliographies can be in any of several formats, but BibTeX/BibLaTeX .bib database files are the best supported. For more information, consult the original README file of pandoc-citeproc, which is moved to

scholdoc-citeproc is currently just a trivial fork just so it can compile against Scholdoc-Types and Scholdoc instead of Pandoc-Types and Pandoc, without polluting the pandoc-citeproc package and executable namespace on the user's system. In the future, enhancements and modifications made as part of the Scholdoc project will be introduced here first.

The version number of this package is kept in sync with pandoc-citeproc.

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