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Practice and reference the Mnemonic major system

Requires python>=3.6


Convert any one or two digit number to a wordlist

>>> from brain_memory.majorsystem import number_to_words
>>> number_to_words(34)
['amor', 'hammer', 'hummer', 'mare', 'maria', 'marry', 'mixer', 'moor', 'mower']

Convert any English word to a number. The word has to be in the CMU dictionary to receive proper phonetic translations, otherwise it'll be a direct conversion - an asterisk is added when that happens.

from brain_memory.majorsystem import word_to_number
>>> word_to_number('cheese')
>>> word_to_number('philanthropist')
>>> word_to_number('doesnotexist')


Practice converting a word to a number. For this, the internal wordlist is used.

>>> from brain_memory.train import practice_to_number, practice_to_word
>>> practice_to_number()
convert: bunny
the number: 92

Practice converting a one or two digit number to a word. This uses the same CMU dictionary to validate if the word is proper English. Any valid word can be used and is not restricted to the internal wordlist.

>>> practice_to_word()
convert: 65
a word: jail