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A straightforward, Sinatra based, Twilio app that powers a 24 hour nurse helpline
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Hello everyone! This is my first Github'd app. It's a really basic Sinatra/Heroku/Twilio app that can be easily modified
for your own calling purposes. The app itself is an automated nurse hotline phone system that enables an end 
user/customer to input their cell phone number and be connected immediately with a nurse. The app does this by 
placing an initial call to the end user, plays a quick automated message, then creates a second call to the nurse 
hotline. When the nurse picks up, the calls are connected. The app also sends a SMS thank you message to the end 
user along with some related health items they may be interested in. 

For the code to be functional, you'll also need a Twilio account (sign up at 

For this code, I assume you have entered your Twilio SID and Twilio Token credentials into your Heroku config file.

Hope you enjoy the app!
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