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2013-09-17 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Merge contributions from John May.
2013-09-06 Richard Apodaca <>
* Fixed typographical errors, removed link to non-SMILES software
2012-11-17 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Add documentation for SP, TB and OH stereochemistry
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Add support for a 0 digit in two digit chiral specifiers (Andrew
Dalke, see discussion_summary.txt for deatils)
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Add support for elements 112 (Cn), 114 (Fl) and 116 (Lv). (Andrew
Dalke, see discussion_summary.txt for deatils)
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Grammar: Support for [b] (Andrew Dalke)
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Grammar: Allow empty SMILES (Andrew Dalke,
see discussion_summary.txt for details)
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Charges: change minimum supported range: -15 to +15 (Andrew Dalke,
see discussion_summary.txt for details)
2012-09-29 Tim Vandermeersch <>
* Grammar: Add '|' between SPACE and TAB
* Grammar: correction: Change TB30 to TB20
* Grammar: correction: Swap clockwise and anti-clockwise
2007-12-02 Craig A. James <>
* Greatly expanded definition of aromaticity per BlueObelisk
mailing list discussions.
2007-11-14 Craig A. James <>
* Fixed incorrect cis/trans example in 3.9.3. C(\F)=C\F changed
to C(\F)=C/F. Found by Peter Ertl.
2007-11-21 Craig A. James <>
* Appendix 7.3: Corrected URL for Marvin Toolkit (correction from
Alex Allerdyce).
2007-11-13 Craig A. James <>
* Many more changes, too many to enumerate. Completed work on the
first major revision. Most important change: aromticity
2007-11-13 Craig A. James <>
* Fixed error, SMILES for ortho-substituted phenol was wrong.
* Added GNU license notice to, changed copyright
* Added LICENSE.txt, with the contents of the GFDL.
* Fixed error in 4.3.4, "Only use dot bonds ...", ring digits
shouldn't have been mentioned.
2007-10-18 Craig A. James <>
* Moved CSS styles to a separate file.
* Split document into parts:
open_smiles.html Table of contents
open_smiles_1_intro.html Purpose, valence-model of chemistry, history
open_smiles_2_grammar.html Formal SMILES grammar
open_smiles_3_input.html SMILES Input
open_smiles_4_output.html SMILES Output
open_smiles_5_nonstandard.html Non-standard SMILES
open_smiles_6_extensions.html Proposed extensions
open_smiles_7_references.html References and citations
* Made original smiles_spec.html forward to the new
* Changed titles and headings to "OpenSMILES".
* Replaced formal grammar section with Andrew Dalke's version
(slightly edited).
* Incorporated many of Andrew's comments into the SMILES-Input
* Created, a perl script to regenerate the table of
contents by scanning the HTML files. Added
open-smiles-toc-template.html, which is used by the perl script.