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@timvideos Conference Recording Systems

Projects for doing both recording / streaming for conferences, meetings, user groups and other presentations.

Pinned repositories

  1. List of ideas for getting started with TimVideos projects

    Shell 46 15

  2. Tool for switching boards supported by HDMI2USB firmware between multiple different modes (programming, webcam, etc).

    Python 6 15

  3. A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @Enjoy-Digital (based on misoc+migen created by @M-Labs)

    Python 107 73

  4. The Numato Opsis board is the first fully open source HDMI2USB board.

    79 33

  5. An environment for building LiteX based FPGA designs. Makes it easy to get everything you need!

    Python 134 68

  6. The website

    JavaScript 4 8


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