A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @enjoy-digital (based on misoc+migen created by @m-labs)
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LiteX Build Environment

The LiteX Build Environment is a tool for easily developing LiteX based systems. It was originally designed to make the TimVideos' HDMI2USB easy to develop, but has now expanded to support multiple projects.

Quick Links

Important Terminology

  • Gateware - The FPGA configuration.
  • Soft CPU - A CPU running inside the FPGA.
  • Firmware - The software running on the soft CPU inside the FPGA.


LiteX BuildEnv Structure Image


The LiteX Build Environment supports a large number of FPGA boards, but not all boards can be used for all projects.


  • HDMI2USB - The firmware currently used for the HDMI2USB project.
  • Bare Metal - Your own firmware running directly on the soft CPU in the FPGA.
  • Zephyr - Support for Zephyr RTOS.
  • Linux - Support for Linux.


The Gateware is the configuration which generates our FPGA bitstream. It is generally defined by a platform and a target. You can find details for these under the platform and target directories in this project.

  • Platform - Represents the FPGA platform/devboard for which we will build the bitstream. (i.e. sim (Verilator Simulator), arty , opsis)
  • Target - There are multiple targets for each platform, this represents an SoC configuration for our target application. (i.e. base, net, video)


The environment is the shell setup and software packages provided by litex-buildenv which allow for litex based FPGA development. It provides development, build and troubleshooting capabilities.

To bootstrap or update your environment one generally does:

# Download the debian packages needed to support litex environment.  Usually
# we only do this once.

# Download/update the litex specific packages (python, verilator, submodules etc)

# Enter the Dev/Debug/Build environment
export PLATFORM=arty TARGET=net CPU=or1k
source ./script/enter-env.sh


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LiteX Application Relationship

Other Topics

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This code was developed by the people found in the AUTHORS file (including major contributions from EnjoyDigital) and released under a BSD/MIT license.

Code under the third_party directory comes from external sources and is available in their own licenses.