Example code for the Numato Opsis board, the first HDMI2USB production board.
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The Numato Opsis, the first open hardware for the HDMI2USB firmware, can now be ordered from Numato Labs.

Sample code for the Numato Opsis Board

The Numato Opsis board is the first HDMI2USB production board developed in conjugation with the TimVideos.us project.

It's features include;

  • 2 x HDMI input ports,
  • 2 x HDMI output ports,
  • DisplayPort input and output ports,
  • 128Mbit DDR3-1600 ram,
  • Gigabit Ethernet with MAC address EEPROM,
  • Micro SD card,
  • Cypress FX2 for USB device functionality,
  • ULPI for USB OTG functionality,
  • Quad speed SPI flash.

Repository Structure

  • comms - Sample code around communicating with the board such as USB or Ethernet.

  • expansion - Sample code for compatible expansion boards.

  • ram - Sample code for interfacing to the DDR3 ram.

  • soc - Sample code demonstrating a full "System on Chip" examples.

  • storage - Sample code for talking to storage systems like the SPI, EEPROM and SD card.

  • video - Sample for for using the HDMI and DisplayPort video input and output ports.