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The LiteX Build Environment is a tool for easily developing LiteX based systems. It was originally designed to make the TimVideos' HDMI2USB easy to develop, but has now expanded to support multiple projects.

These include;

Important Terminology

  • Gateware - The FPGA configuration.
  • Soft CPU - A CPU running inside the FPGA.
  • Firmware - The software running on the soft CPU inside the FPGA.


LiteX BuildEnv Structure Image


The LiteX Build Environment supports a large number of FPGA boards, but not all boards can be used for all projects.


  • HDMI2USB - The firmware currently used for the HDMI2USB project.
  • Bare Metal - Your own firmware running directly on the soft CPU in the FPGA.
  • Zephyr - Support for Zephyr RTOS.
  • Linux - Support for Linux.


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LiteX Application Relationship

Other Topics

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