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Reference implementations of basic and advanced hypergraph algorithms.
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This is a reference implementation of various hypergraph algorithms with an emphasis on clarity and generality over performance.

I have decided to release it in a somewhat rough state. I am happy to expand it in a number of ways if there is a demand for it. If you have any questions about this code, please let me know.

However, even in its current state, I believe that there is a lot of useful stuff worked out and implemented. Most notable are the advanced dynamic programming algorithms presented in

Li & Einser (2009) First- and Second-Order Expectation Semirings with Applications to Minimum-Risk Training on Translation Forests


Dyer (2013) Minimum Error Rate Training and the Convex Hull Semiring

Citation: If you found this useful, please cite it as

  author = {Tim Vieira},
  title = {hypergraphs: A reference implementation of basic and advanced hypergraph algorithms},
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