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📬 A fully featured Firefox Send API client written in Rust.
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ffsend-api [WIP]

A fully featured Firefox Send API client written in Rust.

This repository is still being worked on, and this documentation is not finished yet.

Here is a demo of the API implementation as used in ffsend:
ffsend-api implementation demo from ffsend
Implementation demo from ffsend not visible here? View it on asciinema.

Please note that the provided API interface may change drastically each version until a stable 1.0 version is released. Therefore, if you're using any alpha version of this crate in your own project, it's recommended to select a fixed version number to prevent future build failures due to a newly released but incompatible version.

Please see the client project here: ffsend


This project is released under the MIT license. Check out the LICENSE file for more information.

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