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VimGolf interface for the One True Editor
Emacs Lisp
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VimGolf in Emacs!

vimgolf.el provides a way to play VimGolf solo in the One True Editor™.


Install vimgolf via your favorite version of melpa.

How to Play

  1. Find the challenge you'd like to play on VimGolf.

  2. M-x vimgolf CHALLENGE-ID RET

    Point will be in the window containing the starting text and you'll have the goal text on a second window. Edit the starting text until it matches the ending text and then finish with C-c C-v C-c.


Command Default Binding Description
vimgolf M-x vimgolf Input a challenge ID and play!
vimgolf-browse M-x vimgolf-browse Open an interactive buffer to browse challenge titles
vimgolf-submit C-c C-v C Finish and score the challenge
vimgolf-revert C-c C-v r Revert to the beginning of the challenge and clear your keystrokes
vimgolf-diff C-c C-v d Open an ediff session for the challenge
vimgolf-pause C-c C-v p Pause keystroke recording
vimgolf-continue C-c C-v c Start keystroke recording where you left off
vimgolf-quit C-c C-v q Stop the challenge
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