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Align keystrokes and commands in keystroke log

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1 parent 71a97dc commit b1f1ce23ecaf32679a8b5b65c24c5b77242beba5 @purcell purcell committed Nov 24, 2011
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  1. +7 −5 emacs/vimgolf.el
@@ -153,11 +153,13 @@ unknown key sequence was entered).")
(insert (format "Keystrokes (%d):\n\n" (vimgolf-count-keystrokes))
(mapconcat 'key-description (mapcar 'car vimgolf-keystrokes) " ")
"\n\nFull command log:\n\n")
- (dolist (entry vimgolf-keystrokes)
- (insert (key-description (car entry)))
- (insert " ")
- (princ (cdr entry) (current-buffer))
- (insert "\n")))))
+ (when vimgolf-keystrokes
+ (let* ((descrs-and-commands
+ (mapcar (lambda (entry) (cons (key-description (car entry)) (cdr entry))) vimgolf-keystrokes))
+ (maxlen (apply 'max (mapcar 'length (mapcar 'car descrs-and-commands))))
+ (fmt (format "%%-%ds %%s" maxlen)))
+ (dolist (entry descrs-and-commands)
+ (insert (format fmt (car entry) (prin1-to-string (cdr entry) t)) "\n")))))))
(defun vimgolf-enable-capture (enable)
"Enable keystroke logging if `ENABLE' is non-nil otherwise disable it."

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