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VimGolf Minor Mode Roadmap


  1. Completing read of challenges by title rather than by challenge id

  2. M-x vimgolf-browse: Dired/Ibuffer/Magit-like interface to VimGolf challenges.


    • Bindings should mimic Dired/Ibuffer wherever possible. Magit is listed primarily because I want TAB to open up the long description of the challenge.

      At least:

      • n/p
      • ENTER/o: launch vimgolf with the correct arg.

    Interface Mockup:

    VimGolf in Emacs! Compete on vimgolf with the One True Editor.
    Sort entries based on date - Sort some entries in a Ledger-file based on date.
    PHP Array Syntax -> MailChimp Merge Syntax - I recently needed to send an e-m...
    Refactor to Helpers
            This Rails partial is almost all template escapes. Put it into a helper,
            and refactor each case to methods so we can build out the controls for
            each. (I've converted to tabs - fighting with Vimgolf's default config
            shouldn't be part of the challenge.)
    Alphabetize the directory - Put the contacts and their information in alphabe...
    PHP <--> Java class conversion Part 2 - Same class but reverse!
    PHP <--> Java class conversion Part 1 - Convert this tiny php class to adequa...
    Multiplication table. - Create a multiplication table.
    Complete the hex array data (Part II) - Do not use external tools(e.g. tac, s...
    Interweave two blocks of text - Suppose you've got data on a list of things f...


    • Tab has been pressed on the Refactor to Helpers line and thus it's been expanded.

    • The challenges formatted text to markdown and Line Zipper have both been completed and thus are hidden. Could provide a customization setting that turns this off completely, as well as an M-x vimgolf-show-all function to toggle the hiding.

    • Fill column has been set to 80

    • It would be fun if a local cache of the vimgolf data could be kept together so that you could record solutions or at least play offline.

  3. Real submission to vimgolf.

    This could look like:

    Pop-open buffer

    You solved the formatted text to markdown challenge in 25 keystrokes! The best entry for this challenge was 23.
    M-x qrr          ;; query-replace-regexp
    SPC*2            ;; self-insert-command
    dummy            ;; self-insert-command * 5


    Submit to your solution to vimgolf? <y-or-n-predicate>