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Packager Web

Packager Web is a web application that uses Packager to download scripts, frameworks, plugins and the likes that follow the MooTools-like package.yml manifest and yaml headers syntax.


git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update


The easiest way to get started is to copy the config.yml.example to config.yml. Most of the things will work out of the box, except for the packages and possibly the compression. For the packages, just provide paths to the package.yml files, like this:

- "/Users/kamicane/Sites/mootools-core/package.yml"
- "/Users/kamicane/Sites/mootools-more/package.yml"
- "/Users/kamicane/Sites/some-plugin/package.yml"

For the compressors, you have to specify the path to the compressors, in which {FILE} will be replaced with the path to the temporary file that is to be compressed. You can leave the compressors option empty to just disable it. The compressed file will be read from the command's stdout or (if stdout is empty) read from the same temporary file.

Keep in mind this has to be valid yaml. Use two spaces before the dash in lists, not a tab. If you get a PHP exception, it means some of the specified paths don't exist, or are not parsable by Packager.

Web Interface

Point your web browser to http://localhost/packager-web/. Select the desired components and click download. A file will be downloaded. Enjoy.