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Barcode Information

The Barcode API will allow scan a 1D or 2D barcode and read the data contained in the code. It will also allow you to generate 1D and 2D barcodes.

Authors: Jeff Heifetz, Brent Thornton, Gord Tanner, Sergey Golod

Tested On

  • BlackBerry Torch 6.0 b3242

Requires BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v2.1.1 or higher and BlackBerry handheld code 6.0+

Have a problem with this extension? Log an Issue or contact the Authors

How To Configure The Extension For Use

  1. Locate your BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Smartphone extensions directory using your File Explorer. Default path is C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry WebWorks Packager\ext

  2. Create a new directory in the ext directory

  3. Download the source from this repository and unzip it to a location on your computer

  4. Using File Explorer browse to this extension's downloaded source code Smartphone\Barcode

  5. Copy the library.xml file from the downloaded Smartphone\Barcode directory to your new ext\ directory

  6. Copy the downloaded Smartphone\Barcode\src\blackberry directory to your new ext\\blackberry directory

NOTE: Be sure to back-up this ext\ directory in your WebWorks SDK extensions directory before performing a WebWorks SDK upgrade. Simply copy it back into the ext directory after you have completed your SDK upgrade.

Required Feature ID

Whenever you use the below feature id in any of your WebWorks applications this extension will be loaded for use.

<feature id="" />


static Undefined scan(onCaptured : function, onError : function, options : Object, focusOptions : Object, zoomOptions : Object);
static Undefined generate(content : String, onGenerated : function, onError : function, options : Object);

Scan Options

optional readwrite Boolean tryHarder; // Default true
optional readwrite String[] format; ['CODE_128', 'CODE_39', 'EAN_13', 'EAN_8', 'ITF', 'UPC_A', 'UPC_E', 'QR_CODE', 'DATAMATRIX', 'PDF417']
optional read Boolean focusOptions: 'autoFocus' : true || 'macroFocus' : true
optional read String zoomOptions: 'digitalZoom' : 'int val' || 'opticalZoom' : 'int val'

Generate Options

optional readwrite String characterSet; // Type of character set to use 
optional readwrite Number errorCorrection; // Percentage of error correction
optional readwrite String format; // barcode format Default ['QR_CODE']
readwrite Number width; 
readwrite Number height;
optional readwrite String filePath; // file path to place the generated image Default ['file:///SDCard/<current time in milliseconds>.png']

Usage Information

When generating a barcode it will always generate a PNG file. Please ensure your file path provided to generate uses a ".png" file extension

Scan Code Example

            <meta name="viewport" id="viewport" content="height=device-height,width=device-width,user-scalable=no" />
            <script type="text/javascript" >
                function onCaptured(value) {

                function onError(error) {
                    alert('Exception: ' + error.message + ' : ' + error.code);

                // Scans QR codes and Barcodes 5,6,7
                function doScan() {
                    // default format = all
                    * using the following formats will result in the default format. Choose the formats you are most interested in to speed up
                    * the detection time of the barcode you are trying to decode
                    * 'formats' : ['CODE_128', 'CODE_39', 'EAN_13', 'EAN_8', 'ITF', 'UPC_A', 'UPC_E', 'QR_CODE', 'DATAMATRIX', 'PDF417']
                    var options = {
                        'tryHarder' : true,
                        'formats' : ['DATAMATRIX', 'QR_CODE']
                    var focusOptions = {
                        'autoFocus' : true,
                        'macroFocus' : true                 
                    * You can use the following zoom options
                    * 'digitalZoom' : '100'
                    * 'opticalZoom' : '100'
                    * where 100 is the default zoom. 1x = 100, 2x = 200. You must provide a value within the zoom range otherwise this will fail
                    * opticalZoom is not widely available on most devices so it is not provided in this sample.
                    var zoomOptions = {
                        'digitalZoom' : '100'
                    try {
              , onError, options, focusOptions, zoomOptions);
                    } catch(e) {
                        alert("Error: " + e);
        <body >
            <button onclick="doScan()">
                Scan Code

Generate Code Example

    <meta name="viewport" id="viewport" content="height=device-height,width=device-width,user-scalable=no" />
    <script type="text/javascript" >

      // Generates an image based on the file extension for the filePath
        function generateBarcode() {
            // default codeType = qr
            // default errorCorrectio = 50
            var options = { 'format' : 'QR_CODE', /*required*/
                        'width' : 50, /*required*/
                        'height' : 50, /*required*/
                        'filePath' : 'file:///SDCard/lkajsl.png' /*required*/
      "1234567890123", onGenerated, onError, options);
                alert("Error: " + e);

     function onError(error) {
        alert('Exception: ' + error.message + ' : ' + error.code);

     function onGenerated(filePath) {
        alert('code generated here:' + filePath);

        // do upload, display, delete.. whatever..

  <body >
    <button onclick="generateBarCode()">Generate Code</button>
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