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Tina Grande is a Gatsby starter with first-class TinaCMS integration
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Tina Grande

Tina Grande is a Gatsby starter with full TinaCMS integration. You can use Tina to add and remove posts, customize the theme, write content and more! 🎉


  • Full TinaCMS integration
  • Easy Theme Customization
  • Form Builder
    • Pre-defined fields
    • Custom fields
    • Formspree Integration
  • Page Builder
  • Dark mode
  • Parallax hero (css powered, optional)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Blog
    • Pagination
    • Author(s)
    • Draft mode
    • Inline editing mode
  • Netlify deploy configuration
  • Styled Components

📝 Getting Started

git clone

cd tina-starter-grande

yarn install && gatsby develop

:octocat: Contributing

We encourage you to report bugs, request features or submit improvements! We made this for you and would ❤️ any feedback or contributions to make Tina Grande better for everyone.

🔮 Wishlist/Roadmap

  • Blog categories & tags
  • Additional blocks: map, image, hero, code
  • Theme setup wizard with presets that include images, content & theme settings
  • Request something

👏 Thank You

Thanks to everyone that creates amazing things. You're awesome!

Tina Grande

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