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The TinaCMS core team is a part of The purpose of this document is to communicate to the greater community how the TinaCMS core team will prioritize upcoming development.

Current Goal: 100 live sites with very happy users

Over the next few months, the TinaCMS core team will focus development efforts on getting 100 production website using TinaCMS, with very happy editors.

Two high-level sets of issues have been identified:

  1. High impact issues that will likely be necessary for people to successfully use TinaCMS in production; and
  2. Medium impact issues that would be nice to have, but probably not necessary.

High Impact

  • Collaboration
    • Identifying commit authors
    • Locking forms
  • Media management
  • Better media support in the markdown wysiwyg
  • Improving the inline editing experience
  • Select Field Plugin
  • Next.js Support
  • Netlify Notification Plugin
  • Global Forms

Medium Impact

  • Tags Field Plugin
  • Number Field Plugin
  • Sortable List Field Plugin
  • Conditionally show fields
  • How to manage menus
  • Adding a core notification system
  • Adding other backends
  • Notification system
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