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A site that visualizes the Stellar Core network status
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Quorum Explorer

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TODO / Design


The frontpage should introduce the functionality of the app, enable users to easily navigate to the section they like and give a quick glance at the health of the network and the status of the crawler.

  1. Add last crawled date
  2. Add history graphs for node counts
  3. Maybe there's more single value health indicators we could put on the frontpage.

Organization page

  1. The organization page should have aggregated versions of almost all data that can be seen on its node pages.
  2. The organization page should motivate visitors that are organization administrators to make their data more complete.

Node page

  1. The validator page should be renamed to be the node page, as not every node is a validator.
  2. There should be graphs for history of various properties of nodes.
  3. The trust network of the node should be visualized. (also further removed)
  4. There could be some calculations for the network impact of the node as per nodestar.
  5. Number it fails/agrees with network
  6. View cascading effects if a specific validator were to go offline

Health page

There should be concrete information about the status of the network. It should be immediate technical status information as well as general trust information.

I've collected suggestions from the community as well as SDF members, an incomplete list below:

  1. SCP protocol statistics
    1. Amount of messages per second
    2. Amount of dissenters/disagreements
  2. Overlay characteristics
    1. Connection capacity
    2. Network weak points
    3. How often nodes see "missing" nodes
    4. Network resiliency (i.e. how many servers can go offline before the network halts)
    5. Node uptime percentage and current status
  3. Network client statistics
    1. Geographical distribution
    2. Protocol versions
    3. Client strings
  4. Trust characteristics
    1. The interdependencies between nodes (Quorum Intersection?)
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