A Python library for the Discourse API
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A Python library for working with Discourse.

Its pretty basic right now but you need to start somewhere.


Create a client connection to a Discourse server::

from pydiscourse.client import DiscourseClient
client = DiscourseClient('http://example.com', api_username='username', api_key='areallylongstringfromdiscourse')

Get info about a user::

user = client.user('eviltrout')
print user

user_topics = client.topics_by('johnsmith')
print user_topics

Create a new user::

user = client.create_user('The Black Knight', 'blacknight', 'knight@python.org', 'justafleshwound')

Implement SSO for Discourse with your Python server::

def discourse_sso_view(request):
    payload = request.GET.get('sso')
    signature = request.GET.get('sig')
    nonce = sso_validate(payload, signature, SECRET)
    url = sso_redirect_url(nonce, SECRET, request.user.email, request.user.id, request.user.username)
    return redirect('http://discuss.example.com' + url)

Command line

To help experiment with the Discourse API, pydiscourse provides a simple command line client::

export DISCOURSE_API_KEY=your_master_key
pydiscoursecli --host=http://yourhost --api-username=system latest_topics
pydiscoursecli --host=http://yourhost --api-username=system topics_by johnsmith
pydiscoursecli --host=http://yourhost --api-username=system user eviltrout