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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Feb 25, 2020

Bug fix:
Fix a bug that Clash may interpret pure number password as float64 type (Issue #58).
Fix a bug that internal parser may incorrectly process spaces in configs (Issue #70).
Fix a bug that some groups are missing in the exported Quantumult X/Mellow configurations.
Fix incorrect group type conversion for Quantumult (X).
Fix Quantumult X nodes not handling duplicated remarks.
Fix logical error in generating Quantumult X configurations.
Fix some Shadowsocks nodes are missing in Loon configurations.
Fix overwrite_original_rules option not working in pref configuration.
Fix filename option in web interface.
Fix when failed to download any files, the program still treat it as succeeded.
Fix support for parsing some non-standard Clash configurations.

Newly added:
Add range support for group ID match condition.
Add generator-only mode to save configurations to files or upload to Gists.
Force expand all local rules instead of generating /getruleset urls for generator mode.
Add --artifact startup option to specify which artifact(s) should be generated.

Other changes:
Optimize codes.
Fix typo.
Tweak Emoji matching rules.
Update local rulesets and configurations.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Feb 22, 2020

Bug Fix:
Fix potential segmentation fault error due to some incorrect copy assignments.
Fix potential crash due to incorrect usage of cURL library.
Fix potential memory leak causing memory usage to be too high.
Fix when exporting Quantumult (X) Node List, the first node will appear twice.
Fix loading local subscriptions requires token when API mode is disabled.
Fix configuration file not found when start up via right-click menu on some platform.
Fix missing setting in pref.yml.
Fix Emoji option for web interface.

Newly Added:
Add support for exporting Loon configurations.
Add support for parsing Clash Proxy Provider.
Add support for adding VMess nodes to Surfboard configurations.
Add insert_url option to add node(s) before all exported subscriptions.
Add /getprofile interface for easy access.
Add an option to control whether to add Subscription-UserInfo or not.
Add include/exclude settings to external configurations.
Add HTTP single link support with Telegram-link-liked format.
Add remark option support for HTTP single link.
Add support for applying renames/Emojis to a specific group.
Add support for adding stream and expiry info to SSD subscriptions.
Add Edge header support for Surge/Quantumult/Clash.
Add cache system for configs, rulesets and subscriptions.
Add proxy_config option for downloading external config files.
Add /qx-rewrite and /qx-script interface to add device ID to scripts for some version of Quantumult X.
Add policy-path parsing support for /surge2clash interface.
Add interval/strict options support for managed config.
Add filename option for setting file name when downloading exported subscriptions.

Other Changes:
Allow loading local subscriptions in API mode if the right token is provided.
Using a faster method to read files.
Update READMEs.
Disable base generation as default.
Remove Mellow base generation for now.
Optimize codes.
Clean up unused files.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Feb 15, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a potential random crash on non-Windows platforms.
  • Fix logical error for customizing rulesets and groups.
  • Fix when subscription download timeout before complete, the parser will still try to parse downloaded content.
  • Fix when processing duplicated node name for Surge, the program will crash.
  • Fix when a request without User-Agent was received, the program will crash.
  • Fix after generating a Clash Proxy Provider, the cached Clash base will be broken.
  • Fix parsing error for some VMess subscriptions.
  • Fix compatibility with some non-standard Shadowsocks and Shadowcsocks Android subscriptions.
  • Fix missing keys and sections in Mellow configs.
  • Fix Surge SSID groups not being correctly generated.
  • Fix empty lines in rulesets not being removed.
  • Fix a bug which may cause some comments in rulesets not being filtered.
  • Fix when generating configurations with external configuration file with rule generator disabled, generated rules will still be added.
  • Fix when list option is set to true, the program will still try to load groups and rulesets.
  • Fix Emoji matching rules.


  • Add an interface to directly convert Surge config to Clash config.
  • Add support for importing snippets for some options in configuration files.
  • Add an interface to provide local/remote rulesets for Surge/Quantumult X.
  • Add converting rulesets to Quantumult X format and adding as remote filters.
  • Add duplicate node name check for Quantumult(X) configuration files.
  • Add token verification when using default_urls in API mode.
  • Add support for extracting UserInfo from SSD subscriptions.
  • Add support for configuration files in YAML format.
  • Add Netease Music IP ruleset.
  • Add support for data: URIs.
  • Add more HTTP status code.
  • Add SSID group example.


  • Change default configuration file to pref.ini and try to look for pref.yml.
  • Change default working directory to where pref.ini is in.
  • Change Quantumult X "url-test" equivalent to "available".
  • Change default regex library to PCRE2.
  • Update local rulesets and example configs.
  • Update build scripts.
  • Update Dockerfile.
  • Update READMEs.
  • Clean up codes.
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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 31, 2020

Major Updates:

  • Add Subscription-UserInfo header to exporter, supports extracting from original headers and from info nodes.
  • Add support for exporting complete Quantumult X configuration file.
  • Add support for exporting complete Quantumult configuration file.


  • Fix a potential loop request bug which may cause server to overload.
  • Fix issue #44.
  • Fix logical error in loading external configuration file.
  • Fix incorrect generation of Quantumult X configuratios.
  • Fix host setting missing for VMess TCP+TLS nodes.
  • Fix a potential multi-thread resource conflict.
  • Fix URL argument parsing error.
  • Fix broken group name option.
  • Add external configuration support for customize Quantumult(X) base.
  • Add rename and emoji option in external configuration file.
  • Update local rulesets and example configuration files.
  • Update Travis CI build script.
  • Tweak Emoji match rules.
  • Clean up codes.

Notice: The OpenWRT ipk package will not be released for this version due to some technical problem. This should be fixed in the next version.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 26, 2020

Fix when no custom ruleset is set in external config file, no rules will be generated.
Fix parser not recognize over-tls obfs in Quantumult X VMess subscriptions.
Fix potential compatibility issue for non-standard VMess subscriptions.
Fix incorrect format for exporting Quantumult VMess subscriptions.
Fix ws-path parsing for Quantumult X VMess subscription.
Improve error handling with broken links.
Improve compatibility with incorrect format of single links.
Improve compatibility with complex rule when directly adding rule with surge_ruleset.
Add basic support for acquiring headers during subscription download.
Add more HTTP status code with detailed error info.
Add basic support for extra response headers.
Add Microsoft Services ruleset.
Add more example config files.
Add README for Docker.
Add Linux x86 build.
Optimize codes.
Clean up file structure.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 14, 2020

Fix support for parsing some non-standard subscriptions.
Fix support for Quantumult X style VMess subscription.
Fix plugin support for Shadowsocks Android clients.
Add support for exporting Shadowsocks Android subscription.
Add regular expression blacklist to prevent high CPU usage.
Move "rename_node" options to "[node_pref]" section.
Move China Emoji rule to last position.
Change cURL User-Agent to subconverter/latest.
Tweak filter_deprecated_nodes option.
Update local rulesets.
Optimize codes.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 7, 2020

Fix support for parsing some Shadowsocks/R subscriptions.
Add specifying port via environment variable.
Add BacktoCN.list extracted from ConnersHua's original BacktoCN configuration.
Add ARMHF build.
Update local rulesets.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 5, 2020

Fix group generation support for Surge.
Fix incorrect parameters for simple interface.
Fix section order problem for various subscriptions.
Fix crash when parsing HTTP nodes in Surge subscriptions.
Add filter_deprecated_nodes flag to filter out nodes that are no longer supported by latest clients.
Add skip-cert-verify flag for HTTPS / Socks 5 nodes in Clash / Surge subscriptions.
Add skip_cert_verify for Surge, Quantumult and Quantumult X subscription.
Add support for adding skip-cert-verify flag to Clash/R subscription.
Add auto filtering for nodes that are not supported by Clash/R core.
Add "separate links" option for exporting SIP002 subscriptions.
Add more custom settings in external configuration file.
Add no-resolve to LAN rules.
Add ARM64 build.
Optimize codes.
Tweaked keys order in Clash subscriptions.
Change default skip_cert_verify flag to false.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Jan 1, 2020

Add loading external custom configuration from URL.
Add placeholders to keep correct order of proxies, groups and rules.
Add error handling for loading base configurations and preference settings.
Fix a bug that when update_ruleset_on_request is set to true, rules will be missing in exported Clash/R and Mellow configurations.
Update local rulesets.
Optimize codes.

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@tindy2013 tindy2013 released this Dec 31, 2019

Fix when rulesets and groups are provided in request URLs, new rules will not be used.
Fix cached rule base not updating after calling "/readconf", "/refreshrules" or "/updateconf".
Fix support for exporting SSD-Android compatible SSD subscriptions.
Fix format error in exporting SIP002 subscriptions.
Fix a regular expression in default preferences which may filter out some normal nodes.
Update flag rules.

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