0007772: Define filters for LDAP group syncing #3927

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Gloirin commented Jun 9, 2018

Reported by shochdoerfer on 7 Feb 2013 08:47

Version: Joey (2012.10.3)

I`d like to see a way to be able to define filters for LDAP groups so that not all groups from the LDAP get synched or at least get marked as hidden in the tine20 database. In our setup we have a lot of LDAP groups for various applications, most of them are not needed in Tine 2.0. Would be nice to include some kind of filter to limit the sync of groups between LDAP and Tine 2.0.

I currently fixed this issue by hacking the Tinebase_Group::syncGroups(). I`d love to see a way to either define a blacklist/whitelist in the configuration file or in the Admin UI.

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