0013490: Month view: zoomDayCell not working properly for last calendar row... #6673

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Gloirin commented Jun 9, 2018

Reported by nbe-renzel-net on 25 Sep 2017 13:00

Version: 2017.08.5 Community Edition

When layering multiple calendars together, going to the month view, you get "x more..." for cells that contain too much events.

For the last row (last week of the month) that doesn't work properly as the unfolded cell box is being truncated by the event overview pane. Please see screenshots.

Collapsing the event overview pane doesn't help as the unfolded cell box is being truncated by the lower window border instead; and there are either no scroll bars (when window is maximized) or the scroll bar is too short (when window is shrinked).

In the style creation code for "cal-monthview-daypreviewbox" (Calendar-2fbe62ba6ed6058f1831-FAT.debug.js line 12953) I've tried "overflow-y:scroll", increasing height and/or "z-index:-1000"; without success.

Any ideas what to try next?

Steps to reproduce: 1. layer mutiple calendars
2. switch to month view
3. try to unfold (where appliable) any cell of the last week

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