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EN:Update Howto

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General steps


Before you start, always create a backup of your Tine20 files and your database! Never start without a backup! See Backup and Restore for more information on this topic.

Replacing the files

  • Download the latest version from and unpack it. If you use ActiveSync unpack it to the same folder.

  • Copy the & .htaccess from your working installation to the new folder.

  • If you have additional themes installed, you have to copy them also to the new folder.

  • Set file permissions (owner, rights, etc) to secure your installation. See the Install Howto for more details.

  • Replace the folder with your old Tine20 version with the one containing the new one.

Updating the applications

Notice: During the update, users are not able to login.

There are two ways you can go for updating the application and database. It's up to you, which one you prefer.

Using the GUI

  • Open your browser, call your Tine setup page (http://your\_webserver/path\_to\_tine/setup.php) and login with the setup user account defined in your

  • You will be automatically brought to the 'Application Manager'. All applications that need to be updates are preselected by default. Just click to the 'update applications' button. This process can take a while, depending on how many applications have to be updated and the amount of your data. After the update is done, setup automatically forwards to the login page.

Using the CLI

  • The process for all applications that need to be updated can be started out of your Tine20 folder by running

php setup.php --update

Update third party applications

Some of your installed applications might be out of date. Please check the Download page or the third party repository for newer versions of those applications.

Migration Path

As there are done breaking changes from time to time to the Tine 2.0 core or any applications, it is recommended (and supported) to only update from a given major version (latest minor release) to the next one (again the latest minor release). You can still find the tarball downloads of the last minor releases of older version (not older than 2017) in our download area (see or Business Edition packages can be found here:

So currently (October 2017) we have the following (possible) update path (beginning 2013):

2013.03, 2013.10, 2014.09, 2014.11, 2015.07, 2015.11, 2016.03 -> 2016.11 Business Edition

2013.03, 2013.10, 2014.09, 2014.11, 2015.07, 2015.11, 2016.03, 2016.11, 2016.09 -> 2017.02 Community Edition

2017.02 -> 2017.08 Community Edition

2017.08 -> 2018.02 Community Edition

2018.02 -> 2018.08 Community Edition

2016.11, 2017.02 -> 2017.11 Business Edition

2017.11, 2017.08, 2018.02 -> 2018.11 Business Edition (not yet available)

Another possible way (for example if you have a very old version) is to download/checkout the source (from the repo/release tag) and do the following:

  • run "composer install" (see development setup for more information)
  • run "php setup.php --update"

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