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EN:translation Howto

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Tine 2.0 manages translations at Transifex, a free Web-Service for open source projects.

Use Transifex

To translate Tine 2.0 into your language follow these simple steps:

  1. Make yourself familiar with the Transifex Help
  2. Signup for free as on open source translator
  3. request / join team for your language and wait for approval
  4. Start translating in your language
NOTE: Please use the Save & Exit Button to unlock your files after Translating

Wait for Sync

The translations done in Transifex are not automatically available in Tine 2.0 but will be synced from time to time from us.


Sync Transifex

see for client installation.

- has been updated for 2017.08 -

Transifex => Tine 2.0

 # merge all langs (needs to be done in tine20 root dir)
 $ vendor/bin/phing tx-pull 
 # or alternatively merge one language (needs to be done in tine20 root dir)
 tx pull -l ru
 # if needed, we should checkout our de.po translations (if something was translated outside of transifex)
 git checkout */translations/de.po
 # push merged translations to transifex (only needed if something was translated outside of transifex)
 # you might need the --force option (but be careful with that!)
 tx push -t -l de
 git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master

Tine 2.0 => Transifex

 # update templates and push to transifex
 vendor/bin/phing tx-push
 # commit new pot files
 git commit -a -m 'update lang templates'
 git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master

git po-merge helper

to tell git how to merge po files.

add this to your .git/config:

po-merge-helper aktivieren (eintrag in .git/config)

    [merge "pofile"]
        name = merge po-files driver
        driver = ./scripts/merge-po-files %A %O %B
        recursive = binary
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