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TINE Logo lib-freemarker

Freemarker library for Enonic XP


The most straight forward way to get it going is probably jitpack, which builds and makes a public github repo available as a gradle dependency on-the-fly:

Step 1: Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' }

Step 2. Add the dependency If you are on an Enonic XP 6.15 add the dependency like this:

dependencies {
  include 'com.github.tineikt:xp-lib-freemarker:1.1.1'

If you are on an Enonic XP 7 add the dependency like this:

dependencies {
  include 'no.tine.xp:xp-lib-freemarker:2.0.2'

Hopefully this should allow jitpack to build the project, and present it as a standard gradle package for Enonic XP :)


Just as you are used to with Thymeleaf in your controller

var freemarker = require('/lib/tineikt/freemarker');

exports.get = function(req) {
  var model = {


  var view = resolve('template.ftl');
  var html = freemarker.render(view, model);

  return {
    body: html

View Functions

Enonic View Functions documentation

Example usage in Thymeleaf:

<a data-th-href="${portal.assetUrl({'_path=css/main.css'})}">Link</a>
<img data-th-src="${portal.imageUrl({'_id=869b29a0-dccc-4d5e-afc5-81e5050a628d', '_scale=block(50,50)'})}"/>
<p data-th-text="${portal.localize({'_key=mystring','_locale=en'})}">Not translated</p>

Example usage in Freemarker

<a href="[@assetUrl path='css/main.css'/]">Link</a>
<img src="[@imageUrl scale='block(50,50)' id='869b29a0-dccc-4d5e-afc5-81e5050a628d'/]">
<p>[@localize locale='en' key='mystring'/]</p>

Formatting Dates

You can format Java 8 dates (e.g. java.time.LocalDateTime or java.time.ZonedDateTime) inside your Freemarker template.

The lib-xp-time XP-library provides access to the Java-types so that you can parse strings into java.time.* objects.

[#-- @ftlvariable name="locale" type="java.lang.String" --]
[#-- @ftlvariable name="date" type="java.time.ZonedDateTime" --]

[#setting locale=locale]

<time datetime="${date.format("ISO_OFFSET_DATE_TIME")}">

Fixing unresolved references in IntelliJ

If you are using one of the IDEs from Jetbrains, a special comment syntax exists that will fix unresolved references to Enonic View Functions in your project.

You can simply add a file "./src/main/resources/freemarker_implicit.ftl" with the following contents to your project.

[#-- @implicitly included --]

[#macro pageUrl id="" path="" type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro assetUrl path application="" type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro imageUrl scale id="" path="" format="" quality=85 background="" filter="" type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro attachmentUrl id="" path="" name="" label="source" download=false type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro componentUrl id="" path="" component="" type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro serviceUrl service application="" type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro localize key locale=""][/#macro]
[#macro processHtml value type="server"][/#macro]
[#macro imagePlaceholder width height][/#macro]

Protip: You can provide type checking to your Freemarker-templates by creating @ftlvariable comments on the top of your ftl-files.

[#-- @ftlvariable name="displayName" type="java.lang.String" --]

Freemarker documentation

What is Apache FreeMarker™?

Component reference

Enonic XP does some post-processing to retrieve and render components. You are probably used to Thymeleaf and how some magic happens when you use the data-portal-component.

<div data-th-each="component : ${regions.components}" data-th-remove="tag">
  <div data-portal-component="${component.path}" data-th-remove="tag" />

This magic is implemented using a Freemarker directive, <@component path=component.path /> The same template, in Freemarker would then be.

[#list regions.components as comp]
  [@component path=comp.path /]