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Programming language made as a toy project, with an interpreter made in C++.
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A programming langauge made as a simple toy project. Reference interpreter implemented in C++.


At this point, nothing aside from the standard library.


The Visual Studio 2017 solution file is provided for building the project.


Also included with the Visual Studio 2017 solution file is a VC++ Native Test project, with tests wired up to all of the important pieces of the reference interpreter.

These tests are decoupled from the actual interpreter library and can be safely discarded if you're using the library, or looking to compile the command line version of the library for usage.

Though, despite the tests not required for library usage, they are required for library contribution. Thus, if working on Shakara on your own, you must be sure that your code doesn't break any of the existing tests.

In addition, with regards to tests, if you feel there is something that is not completely represented within the tests, feel free to add to them, as long as it makes them more robust.

Language Examples

Some examples of the language can be found in the Examples folder in the repo. Though, below you can find an example of FizzBuzz written in the language.

fizzbuzz = (number)
    buzzer = ""

    if (number % 3 == 0)
        buzzer += "Fizz"

    if (number % 5 == 0)
        buzzer += "Buzz"

    if (buzzer == "")
        return number
    return buzzer

count = 1

while (count <= 100)
    print(fizzbuzz(count), " ")


Why "Shakara"

See this song.