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A cross-platform IDE for Tingbot, built in Javascript using Electron.

Build Status Build status



  • Updated bundled requests to 2.19.1 for improved SSL support


  • Update tingbot-python to 1.2.0


  • Updated bundled pygame to 1.9.3 to fix problems with pygame.mixer


  • Added zoom options in Window menu
  • Fix: Tingbot docs link


  • Fix: menu items enabling for new documents (#70)
  • Fix: examples open as new documents (#71)


  • Feature You can now enter a Tingbot IP address manually. This allows Tingbot to work on managed WiFi networks! (#66)
  • Fix: permissions problem on Linux with multiple users (#64)
  • Fix: bug where font files could become corrupt when opened in the editor (#62)
  • Update: Tingbot-python libraries to 1.1.1

How to setup a development environment


This project uses Node.js, Python 2.7 and some modules. For now, these have to be manually installed.

  • Download Node 6 from:
  • Install python 2.7.* from:
    IMPORTANT: During the installation there is an opt-in to add Python to the path variable. You have to do this otherwise the project can't find Python. If you get errors later call setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Python33\Scripts" from the terminal. This will add Python to your path.
  • If you don't have Visual Studio installed, npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


Node v6 is required to build and run, and some custom flags to build.

  • Install Homebrew
  • brew install node
  • Install nvm
  • nvm install 6
  • export CXXFLAGS="-mmacosx-version-min=10.9" LDFLAGS="-mmacosx-version-min=10.9"


  • nvm install 6
  • npm run build-python
  • npm install
  • ./node_modules/.bin/webpack
  • npm run dev (this will run webpack watching for changes while starting the app)


Check the issues list for outstanding bits of work we'd like help with.

If you have an idea for a feature/change, create an issue describing the change before starting work so we can discuss. Then fork the project, and open a pull request with your changes. Try to keep pull requests focused on the problem/feature

We also have a Slack team where everything is discussed. Join us!

We have a code of conduct.

If you're new to open source, welcome! This project should be a great way to get your feet wet.