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set -o errexit
# Copy the Tingbot screen overlay into place
cp /opt/tingbot-os/tingbot-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/tingbot-overlay.dtb
# Add tingbot sentinel file
touch /boot/.tingbot
# Load the Tingbot screen overlay at boot
# The /boot/config.txt file was set aside in preinst
cp /boot/config.txt.tbbak /boot/config.txt
echo "" >> /boot/config.txt
echo "# Enable the Tingbot screen" >> /boot/config.txt
echo "dtparam=spi=on" >> /boot/config.txt
echo "dtoverlay=tingbot:xohms=80" >> /boot/config.txt
# Map the console tty to the screen for the boot
# The /boot/cmdline.txt file was set aside in preinst
sed "1 s/$/ fbcon=map:10 consoleblank=0/" /boot/cmdline.txt.tbbak > /boot/cmdline.txt
pip install pip==8.0.3
pip install wheel==0.29.0 setuptools==20.2.2
pip install requests==2.7.0 evdev==0.5.0
# pip can't resolve dependencies correctly, see
pip install pyasn1==0.1.8
# wiringpi seems to have developed a bug - fixed to an older, working version
pip install wiringpi==2.32.1
pip install git+
pip install git+
tbtool build /usr/share/tingbot/expand-rootfs.tingapp
# pip doesn't install git commit SHAs properly, and tingbot-gui hasn't incremented its version
# lately. Let's rebuild it on every install
rm -rf /usr/share/tingbot/springboard.tingapp/venv
tbtool build /usr/share/tingbot/springboard.tingapp
systemctl disable getty@tty1
systemctl enable tbprocessd
systemctl enable tbbuttonsd
systemctl enable tbwifisetup