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generic XSLT for EAD
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tested with libxml2's xsltproc and python lxml

xsltproc -o html_file.html xslt/ead_entry.xslt ead_file.xml python/ ead-test-col ead-test-col-html

This set of XSLT 1.0 + EXSLT stylesheets should turn any EAD into HTML

  • same XSLT works with EAD 2002 Schema and EAD 2002 DTD finding aids.
  • same XSLT works with nested __<c>__s and numbered __<c0x>__s

Example HTML ↢ EAD

8 XSLT files and one HTML template

in xslt directory

  • ead_entry.xslt pulls it all together; interfaces ead.html.xslt to template.xhtml
  • ead.html.xsl has the main EAD to HTML logic mode="ead"
  • template.xhtml HTML template file for output; apply-templates runs on this
  • at2oac.xsl converts EAD schema (such as from AT) to EAD DTD mode="at2oac"
  • table.common.xsl CALS table to HTML from Norm Walsh mode="ead"
  • table.html.xsl select options for table.common.xsl mode="ead"
  • geocodes.xsl provides function to expand geocodes to text
  • langcodes.xsl provides function to expand langcodes to text
  • supplied-labels-headings.xsl provides function to supply for missing headings and labels


xmlns:exsl=""            extension-element-prefixes="exsl"

xmlns:func=""         extension-element-prefixes="func"


Comes with a utility to generate HTML files from EAD files in batch by directory.

usage: [-h] indir outdir

run xsltproc on a directory

positional arguments:
  indir       input directory of EAD
  outdir      output directory of HTML

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

See also

EAD Tag Use

EAD Noun-Obscured Specimen Collection


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