a greeker that scrambles nouns in an XML document's text nodes to produce a specimen for layout testing
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usage: greeker.py [-h] [--piglatin] [infile] [outfile]

Create greeked text for XML testing.

positional arguments:
  infile      input XML (or standard input)
  outfile     output greeked XML (or standard out)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --piglatin  replace using pig latin rather than more random "words"

scrambles nouns in an XML document to produce a specimen for layout



<p>As in typography, greeking involves inserting nonsense text or,
commonly, Greek or Latin text in prototypes of visual media projects
(such as in graphic and web design) to check the layout of the final
version before the actual text is available, or to enhance layout
assessment by eliminating the distraction of readable text.  Text
of this sort is known as "greeked text", "dummy text", or "jabberwocky
text".  Lorem ipsum is a commonly used example, though this is
derived from Latin, not Greek.</p><!-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeking -->


<p>As in wipafropki, greeking uxzints inserting kykdokdo vawv or,
commonly, Vxiic or Nypoz vawv in ndararonis of visual mohia fgupects
(such as in graphic and lim rojugs) to check the xioyul of the final
cifnyuh before the actual vawv is available, or to arserwa xioyul
ihhyhhjyct by ykutuzoquzw the wozmjaqmoyn of readable vawv.  Vawv
of this meks is known as "greeked vawv", "pyllu vawv", or "jabberwocky
vawv".  Sutab uflin is a commonly used uxavqmu, though this is
derived from Nypoz, not Vxiic.</p><!-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeking -->

[I guess this is more like 1/2 greeking, since it is only the nouns]


This command should install greeker.py and its dependencies.

Requires Python 2.6, or 2.7 -- does not work with Python 3 nor 2.5.

pip install https://github.com/tingletech/greeker.py/tarball/master

or if you haved checked out/downloaded this code, then you could go

pip install .

You will also need some data for the natural language toolkit to function. This command will grab the data for you.

python -m nltk.downloader punkt maxent_treebank_pos_tagger

or just install the nltk data

python -m nltk.downloader all


You will need to have the project checked out with git to run the tests, as the tests use git to make sure the results do not change.

cd test
sh generate.sh


add "--attributes att1 att2 ..." command line option to specify xml attributes by local name that should be greeked. (default is no greeking of attributes)