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A Graph Traversal Language
Java Groovy
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added Query.limit() functionality to QueryPipe. Added more test cases…

… to validate query optimization assumptions.
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gremlin-groovy removed GMaven from the dependency as two versions of Groovy were bei…
gremlin-java added Query.limit() functionality to QueryPipe. Added more test cases…
.gitignore first push on the massive refactoring of Gremlin into Gremlin-Groovy …
.travis.yml added OracleJDK7, OpenJDK6, and OpenJDK7 to Travis CI configuration.
LICENSE.txt updated distribution.xml files for Gremlin-Scala and Gremlin-Groovy t…
gremlin.bat work on the gremlin distribution to be more lib, bin, etc. like as op…


Gremlin is a domain specific language for traversing property graphs. Gremlin makes use of Pipes to perform complex graph traversals. This language has application in the areas of graph query, analysis, and manipulation. Connectors, provided by Blueprints, exist for the following graph management systems:

  • JVM language connectivity:

The documentation for Gremlin can be found at this location. Finally, please visit TinkerPop for other software products.

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