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test the EAD-Revised schema xslt upgrade against ead-test-collection
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test EAD revision

The bash script in this repo checks out the new EAD Revised schema and as well as a test collection of EAD2002 files. It then runs trang to generate an .xsd version of the schema.

The maven pom.xml file uses the Mojo XML Maven Plugin to transform the EAD2002 files to EAD-Revised XML files. It then attempts to validate all the new EAD-Revised XML instances against the XSD schema output by trang after processing the official RNG version.


  • java
  • maven
  • git
  • trang


./  # git clone EAD-Revised and ead-test-col repos and trang up an .xsd
mvn install # as per pom.xml, runs XSLT and validates results
./  # prompts you to delete checked out and generated files
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