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Interoperability Now!

Interoperability Now! is a group working to improve the interoperability of tools and technology within the localization industry.

Interoperability Now! Announces Release of XLIFF:doc and TIPP Translation Interoperability Formats

Interoperability Now! (IN!) is pleased to announce that the XLIFF:doc and TIPP translation interoperability formats have been finalized. IN! is an industry-driven initiative to finally provide real interoperability between translation systems and tools, something that has been woefully missing in the Localization Industry.


Two Quick Introductions to Translation Tool Interoperability

Andrzej Zydroń from XTM International talks about the need for translation package interoperability at LT-Innovate:

Sven Andrä from ONTRAM talking about the approaches taken by Interoperability Now! and what we've achieved:

What are we producing?

We have two primary areas of focus:

  • TIPP - The Translation Interoperability Protocol Package (TIPP) is an information container that allows the seamless exchange of information between different independent Translation Management Systems (TMS).
  • XLIFF:doc - A reference guide for representing documents in XLIFF files. The primary goal of XLIFF:doc is to provide a mechanism to allow lossless exchange of XLIFF data between tools in the localization workflow.

Our releases page includes the most recent versions of the specifications and schema files.

What benefits will interoperability bring to your organization?

Who are the core developers?

  • BIOLOOM Group: Prof. Dr. Jörg Schütz
  • Kilgray: Peter Reynolds(@peterrey on Twitter), Gabor Ugray, Gergely Vándor
  • Medtronic: Micah Bly (@MicahBly on Twitter)
  • ONTRAM: Sven Andrä (@sca2g on Twitter), Timo Tretter
  • Spartan Software: Chase Tingley (@ctatwork on Twitter)
  • XTM: Andrzej Zydron

What organizations are implementing TIP?

Many companies and organizations are already working on TIP implementations. Please see the list of known implementers. If your organization is also implementing TIP, and you want to be listed, please let us know. We also have a mailing list specifically for teams implementing, or planning to implement, TIP. Please contact us if you would like to get on the mailing list.

How do we get involved?

If you are working on implementing TIP, join the implementers' list.

Are we working with other interoperability initiatives?

Yes! We are working with the Language Interoperability Portfolio Project (LINPORT) to ensure that both initiatives produce a single container package format.

Recent accomplishments

  • Version 1.5 of the TIPP format has been released. More information can be found on the TIPP15 wiki page.
  • Please see our meeting notes updates pages for on-going updates. Please also see our Conferences page for details on presentations that we’ve given at different industry conferences.