An example app using the Tink API to fetch end users' data
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Example app using Tink API to fetch end users' data

This is a small example app with the purpose to showcase how a third-party app could fetch data from the Tink API.

The app was bootstrapped with create-react-app, so it contains some standard code from there. Other than that, it has been made as simple as possible.


  • NodeJS server/backend: can be found in server.js
  • ReactJS client/frontend: can be found in the client folder.

Running the app locally

The client runs on port 3000 and the server runs on 8080.

First, clone this repository and cd into that directory. Then install the dependencies.

$ npm install

Run both the backend (server.js) and the frontend (client folder) concurrently:

$ npm run dev

You should be redirected to the client app on http://localhost:3000/, but if you're not, just open that in your browser and you should see the example app.