Merging several forks and unbonding template from bank slip. #1

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The bonding of the template inside the bank slip is a big problem for anyone who needs to implement a new template but also need to generate pdf's and images from the bank slip, also the several forks made difficult to keep the bank slips generation correct.

I also added the ruby-debug19 to the gemfile and made the brcobranca able to identify the current ruby version to set the external_encoding , to avoid problems for users using ruby 1.9.

I also removed the "to" method from the boleto class since I can't see any use for it, if any of you ever crossed to a situation where this is useful we can revert it.

caugmar and others added some commits Oct 4, 2011
@caugmar caugmar Tentando recolocar o Banespa Santander. 681d09a
@caugmar caugmar Tinha esquecido do autoload... cf3531d
@caugmar caugmar O que precisamos é do Santander, não mais do Banespa. 0decb3c
@mrbongiolo mrbongiolo Corrigido problema no calculo do Digito Verificador para Boletos da C…
@mrbongiolo mrbongiolo Corrigindo os testes para Boletos da CAIXA 80e2fca
@andersondias andersondias Adicionando banco SICREDI 66732c1
Regis Mesquita Added ruby-debug19 to gemfile. 7079ba8
Regis Mesquita Fixed the CBR643 return file (based on another repository.) 84a2f09
Regis Mesquita Updating docs based on merged repos. 4e190e2
Regis Mesquita removed duplicated sicredi e54a452
Regis Mesquita adjusting default external_encoding based on the ruby version. 53e63ed
Regis Mesquita Added the possibility to use a different logo 8a54527
Regis Mesquita made define_template method more generic. b6c4265
Regis Mesquita Added non-default logo example. 4da3e73
Regis Mesquita Just noticed that there's no need to another parameter , oops :P 5e4b34c
Regis Mesquita Fixing Santander spec 0e94c6d
Regis Mesquita Removing useless "to" method from class and unbounding template from …
…Boleto class.
Regis Mesquita First html template try. 07bc158
Regis Mesquita Added html to autoload and removed the generator from configuration. bfdd96d
Regis Mesquita Regex Replace is not a good idea when you're tired. Oops. 3d6b217
Regis Mesquita Fixed the modelo_generico f58b786
Regis Mesquita Added Barby 5610721
Regis Mesquita No time to worry about gem-side html template now... 5a0f567
Regis Mesquita Updating version 0037ab1
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