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updated JavaDoc on Vertex.

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@okram okram authored
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ h3. Version 2.3.0 (NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASED YET)
* Refactoring of wrappers to ensure proper propagation of @Graph@ reference
* Fixed a @ConcurrentModificationException@ in TinkerGraph
* @Element@ API changed to support @Element.remove()@
-* @Vertex@ API changed to support @Vertex.addEdge(Vertex, String)@
+* @Vertex@ API changed to support @Vertex.addEdge(String,Vertex)@
* Bumped to support Neo4j 1.9.M05
* Improved transaction concurrency in @DexGraph@
* Deprecated @TransactionalGraph.stopTransaction()@ in favor of @commit()@ and @rollback()@
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