The Benefits of Blueprints

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Attention: this Wiki hosts an outdated version of the TinkerPop framework and Gremlin language documentation.

Please visit the Apache TinkerPop website and latest documentation.

Blueprints is a generic Java graph API that binds to various graph backends (i.e. frameworks and databases). Below is a list of reasons for using Blueprints.

  • Blueprints makes it relatively easy to swap in and out different graph backends. In this way, its possible to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Blueprints has connectors to popular graph databases including Neo4j, OrientDB, Titan, DEX, and InfiniteGraph.
  • Blueprints has connectors to popular graph frameworks including RDF Sail and JUNG.
  • Blueprints graph backends work with any software written to the Blueprints API (e.g. all the tools in the TinkerPop stack).
  • Blueprints comes with a large library of utilities to make it easy to manipulate a graph.
  • Blueprints has support for reading various file formats including GraphML, GML, and GraphSON.
  • Blueprints, and the rest of the TinkerPop stack, is open source and free to use under a liberal BSD license.