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IMPORTANT – TinkerPop is now a part of the Apache Software Foundation and TinkerPop 3.x is the latest incarnation of The TinkerPop. This project is TinkerPop 2.x and is no longer active.

Furnace is a graph algorithms package for Blueprints enabled graphs. There are numerous graph algorithms that have been developed over the history of graph theory and analysis. Most of these algorithms are designed for unlabeled, single-relational graphs. The purpose of Furnace is to expose property graphs (i.e. attributed, multi-relational graphs) to single-relational graph algorithms. Moreover, Furnace provides different graph algorithm implementations that are optimized for different graph computing scenarios — e.g., single-machine graphs and distributed graphs.

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Snapshots can be obtained from Sonatype (see Maven Repositories for more information).

  • Introduction
  • Derived Graph Implementation
  • Single Transaction Algorithms
    • Clique Detection
      • Bron-Kerbosch Algorithm
    • Ranking and Scoring
      • Degree Centrality
    • Search
      • A-Star Search
      • Breadth-First Search
      • Depth-First Search
    • Shortest-Path
    • Bellman-Ford Algorithm
    • Dijkstras Algorithm
  • Distributed Vertex-Centric Algorithms
    • Introduction to Vertex-Centric Computing
    • Ranking and Scoring
      • Vertex-Centric PageRank
  • Generators

Furnace documentation is up to date with the current Furnace codebase, not with the latest Furnace release.

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